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Arts Education Classroom Experience

Enhancing learning and bringing classrooms to life with creative energy

AECE description


The Arts Education Classroom Experience program gives London-based teachers and professional artists the opportunity to collaboratively develop and co-deliver arts projects in elementary schools in the London region. AECE focuses on students' exploration and practice of the "creative process" as outlined in the Ontario Arts Curriculum.

Through AECE, teachers and artists work collaboratively to bring students creative-process experiences that are rich, dynamic, and integrated with core curriculum. This collaboration in arts education provides professional development opportunities not only for artists but for teachers. Artists bring new arts experiences and a creative energy and perspective, modelling the creative process for generalist teachers in a hands-on way.

Arts experiences can be a catalyst for student learning and can bring out hidden strengths, especially for students struggling with traditional teaching methods. Students’ ability to use the creative process effectively and independently enhances skills and expression not only in the arts but also—as research has shown—in other academic subjects that require critical analysis, problem-solving, planning & organization, perseverance, and divergent thinking.

An Introduction to AECE

An Introduction to AECE

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