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Indigenous London Arts Website Images by Bangishimo and Hawlii Pichette

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The banner images for the Indigenous London Arts website were created by Bangishimo, who photographed beadwork by Hawlii Pichette. Bangishimo is a local Anishinaabe Two Spirit Photographer and Community Organizer, and Hawlii is a Mushkeegowuk beadwork artist and illustrator who has collaborated with the London Arts Council over the past few years.

Bangishimo was recently awarded the Atlohsa Peace Award for Honesty, along with their longtime friend and co-organizer, Amy Smoke, for the Land Back Camp in 2020. Hawlii created several installations for the London Arts Council including a recent public art project that raises awareness about the impacts of environmental pollution. Her mural can be found at Ivey Park and features the statement “All drains lead to the river”; a message about the importance of water protection and conservation.

The design team felt that it was important to locate land and people as part of the overall Indigenous London Arts website design, and the idea behind the photographic images was to show contemporary Woodlands style beadwork against the backdrop of the natural landscape. The collaboration between Bangishimo and Hawlii demonstrates both artistry and technical skill. Each bead appears in focus giving the images a tangible appeal that readily locates the original people of this land.

If you are interested in viewing more of Bangishimo’s work, visit

If you are interested in viewing more of Hawlii Pichette’s work, visit

We hope that you enjoy these images! Chi-Miigwech to both Bangishimo and Hawlii for your inspired work!


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