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- CLOSED - Call to Musicians: LBMX Place Musicians Mentorship Program

Updated: Jun 3

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Expressions of Interest (EOI) 

The London Arts Council (LAC) in partnership with LBMX Place invites bands residing in London, Ontario and surrounding First Nations (the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, the Oneida Nation of the Thames, and the Munsee-Delaware Nation) to apply for a paid opportunity to participate in the 2024 LBMX Place Musicians Mentorship Program.

Applications for this opportunity are now closed.

Program Description

2024 LBMX Place Musicians Mentorship Program provides bands residing in London, Ontario and surrounding First Nations (the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, the Oneida Nation of the Thames, and the Munsee-Delaware Nation) with an opportunity to grow, perform, and connect within our vibrant music sector and throughout our broad community.

This year's LBMX Place Musicians Mentorship Program is focused on London's bands in recognition of their contribution and the unique challenges they faced both during and after the pandemic due to a significant lack of opportunities compared to solo and duo musicians.

Through resume-building paid performance opportunities, professional development opportunities, and mentorship/coaching sessions, the program aims to open the door for London bands to gain more performance opportunities in London, Ontario, and across Canada.

Program Details

The 2024 LBMX Place Musicians Mentorship Program will provide the following opportunities for London's bands:

  • meaningful paid performance opportunities.

  • resume and profile-building opportunities through the Extravabandza concert with a headline band.

  • professional development opportunities through music sector-specific workshops.

  • mentorship and coaching sessions with a senior musician.

Each mentee band will perform at two (22-hour Saturday evening concerts featuring each band’s music. The concerts will take place in the summer, outside on Dundas Place (267 Dundas Street), the entrance to the downtown core area. A sound tech, audio equipment and staging will be provided for each concert. The finale of the LBMX Place Musician Mentorship Program will culminate in each mentee band taking the stage at an upcoming block party in London called "Extravabandza," where they will serve as supporting acts for the headline band “New Friends.” This exciting opportunity is geared towards enhancing the resume of each band, opening doors to potential future supporting act opportunities.


All mentee band members will also be provided with meaningful professional development opportunities through music sector specific workshops. Each session will be facilitated by relevant industry professionals to support further development. Topics include: 

  • Music industry and Law (copyright, song writing agreements, performance royalties, etc.)

  • Finance Management (taxes)

  • Grant Proposal Development

  • Marketing and Communications

Timeline (May - December 2024)

Payment (per band)

Band Qualifications

  • must be 18 years of age or older.

  • the band must reside in London, Ontario or surrounding First Nations (the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, the Oneida Nation of the Thames, and the Munsee-Delaware Nation).

  • a minimum of 2 years of professional practice as a musician and receives compensations for professional work and opportunities in the music sector.

  • has developed skills through training or practice and actively practices his/her/their work.

  • has keen interest in developing new skills and learning experiences.

  • is passionate, adaptable, and flexible. Application Information **You MUST read the full application information for this opportunity prior to filling out the online application.**

Online Submission

Artists/creators wishing to be considered must complete all application requirements. Please complete all required fields of the online application form and submit the required application documents.

Incomplete and/or late applications will not be accepted. Applications submitted through other means, such as fax, mail, and email will not be accepted. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the application is submitted by the deadline.

London was recognized as Canada's first UNESCO City of Music on November 8, 2021. 

The London Arts Council (LAC) continues to support the broader artistic community through diverse programming in collaboration with public, private, and community partners. As a partner organization, LAC participates in the planning and implementation of the UNESCO City of Music Designation Plan connected with the London Music Strategy and London's Cultural Prosperity Plan. 

For any questions about this project please contact 

For any Call to Artists updates please check the website at


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